Dear Leader,

You have been invited to be part of a unique and historic Canadian research project to get valuable research about Christianity in Canada!

Thank you for your commitment to follow Jesus on mission into the Canadian mission fields. We are grateful to God for your work to make Jesus known, make disciples, and serve the body of Christ where He has placed you. Whether you are the leader of a new gospel work or navigating the revitalization of an established work, we are grateful to God for your work to advance the gospel in your community.

The member networks of Church Planting Canada commissioned Dr. Ed Stetzer’s team at Lifeway Research to research what the LORD of the harvest is doing through church planting and multiplication across Canada. We look forward to gaining greater understanding into church planting health, viability, and approaches to mission in Canada. Your participation in the survey will help us understand the kinds of works bearing fruit and the kinds of leaders God is using in gospel advancement across the nation. 

This is a short time span of time to get this uniquely Canadian mission tool, so we are asking you to please take about thirty minutes over the next week to complete this very important survey Please note that even if your church no longer exists, we are still interested in your answers to the survey questions. 

Your response to this survey is vital in helping us move from anecdotal reporting to a solid understanding of how God is at work across our country. The findings from this research will help us to better serve and support church planting and revitalization endeavors and will help shape the development, deployment, and support of new planters seeking to establish new works in the years ahead. Your participation will help enormously. Wide participation ensures that we all will have access to a solid piece of research to serve and resource ongoing mission in Canada.

As you fill in the comprehensive survey, all identifying information will remain with Lifeway Research and will not be shared with anyone. We encourage you to respond to the survey questions with openness and honesty with full assurance of anonymity.

To begin the survey, please select a language below. Please note that you must complete the survey in one sitting. You cannot save your answers and return to the survey later. So please allow 30 minutes of time before you begin. The survey is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese (simplified characters) and Korean

If you have any specific questions about the survey itself, please feel free to contact Bill Hogg or Lorne Hunter by email at or by telephone 604-996-1034.

May the LORD bless you and make you a blessing!

Yours in Christ,

Bill Hogg, Lorne Hunter, Craig Kraft
Church Planting Canada Team,

I want to do the survey in:

English (United States)

French (Canada) - français (Canada)

Spanish (United States) - Español (Estados Unidos)

Chinese (Simplified, PRC) - 中文(中华人民共和国)

Korean (Korea) - 한국어 (대한민국)